Using Tables

Greetings all 8)

I’ve never used Tables in Scrivener before; and only rarely have I used them at all.

When I insert a Table, I get a standard 2 row, 3 column.

When I add new cells, all those new cells are grey-bordered, and I cannot seem to make them black?

Any suggestions?



Make sure the little colour pot is highlighted. The way the palette links up with an active colour pot is kind of flaky in OS X. You can click on it, get the palette, then come back from doing something else and it will be disconnected. Beyond that, the basics are to just select a bunch of cells, much like you might select a range of text, then use the Table palette to adjust them.

Thanks Amberv.

That’s kind of what I thought - but neither of those work. Maybe it’s a bug?

I’m not seeing anything weird with this on my end. Could you post the precise steps you are taking? If you could duplicate the bug from a new blank project that would be best, just to eliminate any potential weirdness in the file you are editing right now.

New Project -> Format -> Table

A Table is inserted into blank page with three columns and two rows.

Click on the table and those^ parameters are reflected in the little palette, including the cell border color (now black).

I then add 5 columns - but they are gray.

So I place the cursor in one of the new cells and it won’t let me choose a color. The little color pot is non-responsive.

So I select the rows/columns and same thing - color pot is again non-responsive.

Hmm, no luck, that procedure worked fine for me. When you placed the cursor in one of the new grey cells, did the colour pot instantly change from black to grey? That’s what should happen. After that point I clicked on it, clicked the Licorice crayon and the top and left lines turned black (that’s just a quirk of how it “works”). So then I shift-clicked on the last cell bottom-right and clicked the black crayon again and got all black cells.

What happens if you try this same thing in TextEdit?

Same thing in Text Edit.

It must be something wrong with my (?) OS X ???

I did find a workaround that works sometimes and sometimes not - I pull up the color palette; highlight the cells, and use the color wheel (the others won’t effect any change), I pull the toggle on the right of the wheel all the way down and it makes the borders black.

This works sometimes and sometimes not. LOL.


That’s strange! I can’t think of anything to help you out. Maybe use Onyx to clear your caches and do a reboot. But yeah if TextEdit does it too, then whatever is broken is beneath Scrivener.