Using the Mac version in a virtual machine on Windows

I have a Windows machine but I’m interested in using the Mac version because it has more features. So, I intend to load the Mac OS in a virtual machine and use that to run the Mac version of Scrivener. However, I would like to know if I may encounter any problems with this. For example, if I compile from the Mac version, will I get a Windows-friendly file as output? Are there any other concerns you think I may encounter? Also, if it turns out to be unworkable, will I be able to use the same license to install the Windows version or would I have to buy separate Mac & Windows licenses?

In my experience, output files are O.S. independent. You’ll end up with a PDF, mobi or epub file which will work OK on any intended platform.

The Scrivener project file is also cross-platform, but some settings are not. You may look at the details here.

I suggest you to give your VM 2 CPUs and at least 3-GB RAM, more if possible. Also, I’d recommend staying on Mavericks and not upgrading to Yosemite.

The licenses are different for each platform and not interchangeable. You can see the details here.

Hope this helps!

Not sure it is really legal to run OSX in to VM yet. haven’t been keeping up to speed on that, but the OS is sold as PART of the hardware. How did you legally get the OS off the hardware to run it in a VM?

I’m not taking sides. Just the tired old argument…

There are folks out there who make OS X VMs available. Although Apple has claimed successfully in one court case that the means they use to tie OS X to Apple hardware is protected by the DMCA, there’s actually a legal grey area due to some of the court rulings on jailbreaking. The consensus seems to be that as long as you do it for your own personal use, you at least have somewhat of a covering under the current state of the law.

only going to suggest that it is as “safe” as sharing movies on bit torrent. You probably won’t get caught. but if you do.

As to my personal position… I wish I had more confidence in a “jury of my peers” and the legal system. If I did there would be fewer apple he products in my home.

Yeah. The good news is that Apple seems to understand that going after individual people doing this is not helpful to their overall position and bottom line, they are just interested in the people making money off of it.

I’ve purchased OS/X and installed it on a Hac in the past. I know the licence states it must be installed on Apple hardware, however I never see Apple going after anyone who’s legally purchased the software, then installed it on a Hac, or VM. I suspect installing on a vm may be more challenging. It’s easier to run Windows on a vm (Parallels seems best) on Apple (or Hac) hardware.

I also have a MacBook Pro retina 15" and run Scrivener successfully on both pieces of hardware. It also has Win 8 (with the Stardoc Win 7 menu) in a parallels vm. Works a treat for the two programs that only run on Win.

The temptation is to make the next PC an iMac. Much neater solution, no mess of cables, then run Win under Parallels.

It was a big headache, primarily because I have an AMD processor. However, it was possible.