Using the Outliner as a substitute for the Binder

This is a tiny feature request, and I apologise if this is already possible, or has been posted. I tried searching and couldn’t find anything.

I quite often use “edit scrivenings” with “lock view”. I love the way that when the view is locked, you can click on an item in the binder and it acts as a “go to” for the “edit scrivenings”.

Now, what I’d like to ask is that if you have a split screen, and the other frame is “outliner” for the same portion of manuscript, clicking an item in the outliner should have the same “go to” effect on the locked “edit scrivenings”. You could then close the binder, and use outliner instead of the binder (as I like to be able to see the synopses). So outliner becomes a kind of super-binder. At present, if you have locked “edit scrivenings” in one pane, and outliner in the other, clicking an item in the outliner doesn’t do anything, so I have to have binder open as well as the two panes, which isn’t the best use of screen space.

I hope I’ve explained it clearly, and that people can see how it might be useful.

thanks for reading.

By default, neither the Corkboard nor Outliner open documents via single click. I think altering that behaviour depending on whether or not there was an E.S. split open would be confusing. That said, what would make a lot of sense is if you have that default mode turned off, and are using click to open mode. In this mode, clicking on items in the Outliner is much like clicking on items in the Binder. If that action were routed through the same function that checks for active documents in the E.S. stack of a locked opposing split, then it could work. And likewise with the Binder, if a document is clicked that is not in the stack—nothing happens.

For the user, this would mean setting up your splits, clicking the opposing arrow icon in the footer of the Outliner, locking the E.S. session and then working away. The only extra step is enabling that mode.