Using Two Computers - copying work

I can simply email myself a zipped file and open it on my second computer but how does it get to scrivener? On Scrivener I go to file>open and it isn’t there. Please help.

Scrivener can’t read zipped files, so you must unzip the project folder on your second computer.

Place the unzipped .scriv project folder (e.g. MyProject.scriv) wherever you like, launch Scrivener, and use File > Open to browse to that location.

You’ll have to do the same process on the return trip back to your first computer.

Potential challenges arise with all of this zipping and emailing and unzipping across two computers. It will be easy to confuse which project folder on which computer contains your latest work, the worst case being you end up writing new text into an older version. This will eventually look like text is missing, which you will then need to sort out, whenever it is that you finally realize there is a problem.

Come up with a process, perhaps a date-based naming convention for the zip files or your project folders, so that you are always 100% clear on what version of the project is the latest.


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Hi Jim,

Thank-you for your reply and patience with me. Trust me - I’m a pretty bright fellow, but I just can’t seem to get this. I have emailed a zipped file to my self, moved it to my desktop on my second machine, un-zipped it and then when I launch Scrivener I see the name of my project and nothing else. I go to binder and there is nothing there. my work does not appear. This is very frustrating. I wish Scrivener could just store everything in the cloud for us, so when we log into our account - there it is.

Not sure what to do. I might like to look for a paid tutor who could just walk me through all of my issues in real time.

Thanks again,

How did you create the ZIP file?

Do you have the same version of Scrivener on both systems? Is the second system able to create its own projects normally?

I’m betting you zipped the myProject.scrivx Binder index file instead of the myProject.scriv FOLDER. That, or you zipped the right thing but unzipped only the .scrivx.

Hi mushroomsoup,

I’m with the others, in that I suspect this has to do with how you created the zip file.

Most foolproof way to do this is via Scrivener itself. Launch Scrivener on the source computer, go to File > Backup > Backup To, then select a location and press OK.

The resulting zip backup will correctly be of your .scriv project folder.

Or, as drmajorbob points out, you can simply zip the .scriv project folder yourself.


Thank-you Jim and Bob. I got it! It was a folder issue. Now I just have to make sure I can do it again!

I’m not a techie person so maybe being too simplistic here @mushroomsoup - my Scrivener documents do back up to the cloud and I can access them from any computer. I have Scrivener loaded on both my computers, and the folder projects are stored in backs up to OneDrive. The only issue I’ve had is if I forget to close a project and I get a possible conflict alert.

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I absolutely advocate the use of the [File->Back Up->Back Up To] menu for creating .zip copies of your project. Check the option to use the date in the filename, and you’ve got a pretty fool-proof way of making a copy that you can easily transport to your other computer. With the date in the name of the .zip archive, it’s also easier to keep track of which is the most recent copy.

I also agree with CallyRose though. Installing Dropbox or OneDrive on both machines, configured with the same online logon account, and moving your main project into the folder that gets synced to/from the cloud is far easier, if you’re comfortable working that way. Information on syncing Scrivener projects can be found here: Cloud Syncing / FAQs - Literature and Latte Support