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Not sure if this is the right place to post this. I purchased the Scrivener app for my Mac but was wondering if it’s possible to get access on my work PC computer.

Hi fashion77, welcome to the forum. When you say “get access” on your work PC, do you mean “work on your Scrivener projects”? If you do, probably the best way would be to purchase a licence for Scrivener for Windows here and install it on your work PC; projects are interchangeable between the Mac and Windows versions.

There are various ways of sending a project from one computer to the other: placing your project in the cloud in a service such as Dropbox is one way (but read this thread first before you do so). You could of course hand-carry it on a memory-stick; zipping it up when you save it to the stick (which you can do using Scrivener’s backup feature) is a worthwhile precaution.

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I assume by the reply you have posted here that you do not allow a Mac licence holder from installing Scrivener on a PC and using the same licence on that platform, thus saving the additional licencing cost. The same would be true for a PC user wanting to use the licence interchangeably on a MAC.

Can I enquire whether this restriction will be reviewed? I, as I’m sure many other authors do, use a PC at home/work and when out and about take my MacBook with me also. I find it incredibly useful to work on design projects using Adobe suite of products on both platforms and would hope for the same with my writing projects. A limitation that Adobe employ is to only allow two installations of differing platforms so as to curb any enthusiasm a user may have to ‘share’ his or her licence.

If the above is not in the pipeline has there been any thought to a token licence fee for a second install? I’m sure many users wouldn’t mind paying an extra £5 in the event they cannot concurrently utilise an existing licence.

Also, and my final point, does my existing Mac licence allow me to install and run the Scrivener App on my iPad?

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Take a look here: … atalog.htm

If you read the descriptions on this page, you’ll find links to a discounted Windows license if you have already purchased a Mac license…

They structured the license this way because both Windows and Mac (and future iOS, Android, etc…) versions have to be programmed from the ground up, by separate developers. I’m sure they plan to charge for the upcoming iOS version as well, since that programmer also needs to be paid. Since the iTunes store doesn’t offer any way to give discounts to existing licensees, you’d be paying full price (whatever that price may end up being). I take consolation in the fact that most software of this sophistication costs hundreds of dollars, and often doesn’t come with a cross-platform license anyway. Microsoft Word comes to mind…