Using two copies of Scrivener

I have Scrivener loaded on an office-bound iMac and on a Mac Note Book. Both machines have been upgraded to Lion, and both copies of Scrivener are 2.1. I copy binders between the two, using either Dropbox or a memory stick. Most times all’s fine but every now and then the program crashes or claims the file’s missing something. Is there a better, more reliable way of making these shifts please? (I think Scrivener’s brilliant, by the way.)

The most reliable way is to use the File/Back Up/Back Up To... command with the zip option enabled. This will produce a complete duplicate of the project, saved as a single compressed file, rather than dealing with the hundreds or thousands of files that ordinarily comprise a project.

Dropbox shouldn’t ordinarily be causing problems of this nature, however. If you haven’t already, I recommend reading the “Scrivener Everywhere” section of chapter 13 in the user manual PDF. It has three tips which will greatly reduce the chance of strange things happening like this.

Using backup sounds sensible now you mention it. Many thanks. Will have a read of Cp 13 too.