using Window version with Mac


Hope you are all well - if i buy scriv for windows, will i be able, using dropbox, to work on the same projects on both my mac and windows pc. i.e. write on my mac at home - save file - go to windows pc at work, open file from dropbox and write during my lunctime into the same project and then save and reverse etc

I’ve trawled through and couldn’t find the answer to this, so apologise if it is already out there (i’m sure it must be)

thanks for help

We have a cross-platform compatibility document available for you review which should cover everything you need to know. For the most part there are not any problems, but there can be a few platform-specific things here and there to be aware of. One will more likely wish to compile on the Mac, and they would probably also want to use the compiler’s ability to clean up text formatting, as going back and forth between Mac and PC can sometimes make a mess of fonts.

As for purchasing, you should be aware that we are running a platform bundle sale right now, so if you already have the Mac version, you can cross-grade to Windows for a discount, or if you’re brand new to Scrivener in general, you can purchase both platform copies for a reduced amount.

BOOM! thank you very much :slight_smile: lightening fast reply and everything i needed to know

have a great evening - thanks again