Using Wine - overwriting open project causes crash

I am using an Ubuntu 10.04, i386, desktop computer. I am a new user of Scrivener. I installed both Linux and Windows versions. The Linux version gives an error box and a chance to change the name. The Windows version crashes Wine and hangs the program.

Here is how I created the error.

  1. I created a new project from a blank template.
  2. I needed different stuff in the project.
  3. Without closing the project I just created, I opened the new project window.
  4. I made the name the same and to go into the same directory.
  5. When I hit the create button I received this message: “Program Error” The program Scrivener.exe has encountered a serious problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

If you need any other info I will attempt to provide it.
Thank you for your time.

I just tried this–tried to “save as” a project in the same space with the same name, and got the popup warning that you can’t overwrite an open project. (This is with wine 1.3.17 and the 024 build.)

If it’s a windows-specific bug (meaning wine), it should be posted in the windows bug hunt forum.

Edit: if you needed different stuff in the project, why not just make a different file within the project with different stuff and sort it out in the compile? Or give it a different name. Multiple projects with same/similar names is asking for trouble. (Ask me how I know, since my dissertation involved thousands of lines of code.)

Edit1: I just tried your way, and I got the popup that you get, when you try to save as in the same dir as an existing project with the same name.

Thank you garpu. I didn’t know if this qualified for the windows bug hunt. I will post it there also. I figured since the goal is to try to break the program before the general public gets a hold of it, I thought I’d try something a newbie computer user would do. I did finally delete the current empty project and make a new one. I have not taken the time to work through the tutorial on how to use most of the features, yet. I’ll get there though.

Thank you for your time.

Thanks, I’ve got this written down. Garpu, did you get the crash in Wine or the “you can’t overwrite an open project”? I haven’t managed this directly on Win7.

Nope. Neither time crashed for me, and I got the dialogue box, as intended.