Using Wingdings in custom text seperator

Apologies if this has been covered, but I couldn’t find it in search.

Essentially I am looking to drop two Wingdings 2 characters into my book between scenes where you have the normal line separation. The problem I am facing is that this is totally different to the Arial/whatever character set I am using; I can see the characters fine in the actual scene text (imported from word) but I can’t find a way to put them in this field. They import as:

d c

Instead of:


Does anyone know how to use a Wingdings character in this field?

There is no way to choose a distinct font for separators, they will be printed in whatever font was used in the text prior to it. You could either just use a temporary character sequence, like “%%%”, and then do a search and replace in Word when you’re polishing off the document—or Unicode characters could work better, if you select something from the base font that is being used. The white and black diamond symbol in Times, for example, worked in my tests.

Ah, shame. Thanks, I may have to do the find and replace. The characters I want are for a fantasy book and are an intricate and very Wingdings-only shape.

Wonder if I can ask for this as a feature request? I know a lot of authors like to use a wingdings separator.

I can certainly put on the list for consideration, but we’ve got plans for adding image support in here, so that you can import a fancy divider into your Binder and then specify that graphic with a simple image code. That way you could take a screenshot of a wingding and save it as a file, or even hire a designer to create a unique divider for your book. So I think that will address everything you want to do, without adding a lot of UI complexity for font selection in here.