Using $x$ to enter math mode

I’m using a Scrivener->mmd->Latex workflow. For editing denser mathematics it seems easier to use TeXShop but for language intermingled with light maths, I’d like to stay in Scrivener in a familiarish way if possible.

Can it be arranged to enter math mode with the normal wrapping e.g. $x$? - currently the compiler takes it to $x$

I know works but I’d like to use the more compact and by now more familiar $x$. Is this possible?


Have you tried upgrading to the new version of MMD yet? I have heard that it now allows the use of $ … $ syntax for equations, but I have not tried it out myself. You can install a version of MMD on your system and Scrivener will automatically use that instead of the one it ships with.

New MMD version solved issue. Thanks.

Actually, not so solved … $x$ works unreliably - the documented \(x\) - (annoyingly) more keystrokes but more reliability.