UUID Error Code/iOS won't syn project properly

I’m on Beta 3, RC 6 for Windows… I’ve been working on the same project for a long time with no issues until yesterday when I opened it on Win 10 laptop and got an error message: “Could not copy/remove content, content styles and/or content comments for UUID 9831EEE…” When the program loaded, it wasn’t the most current version of the project and also, one file was blank, the text gone.

Found info on the Forum about the error code and was told to delete templateinfo.xml in the project’s Scriv folder. I also restored a backup file in order to get the most current version. The laptop is working properly but the current project won’t sync correctly on Iphone and Ipad–it still uses that previous version of the project with the blank file.

I tried: Disabling Dropbox then re-enabling, reloading both Dropbox and Scrivener on phone, shutting phone off, etc. but nothing has helped.