v 1.0 and battery life

I’ve been using the betas and then the nano version of Scrivener. I usually write in coffee shops on battery power, and the battery in my laptop usually lasts about 6 hours or so. Yesterday I used the nano version of Scrivener for about 3 hours and had about 50% of my battery left as expected.

Last night I installed version 1.0. Everything looked good. The only change I made was to turn off the auto-backup functionality. Tonight I went to the coffee shop to write and had a dead battery in 2.5 hours. I do realize this might be a fluke, but in case it’s not - is there anything else that changed between the 1.0 version and the nano version (other than the auto-backup) that could be killing my battery?

ETA: Also, I had the “Save after period of inactivity” set to 99 seconds. I saw in another post that Scrivener saves after every 2 seconds of inactivity. Since I had this set to 99 seconds, it should only be saving every 99 seconds, right?

Is it possible that your laptop didn’t charge between visits? That would make the numbers about right.

Not quite, it’ll save after 99 seconds of not doing anything at all. So in fact, it might not be saving much at all if you crank it up that high. The timer only kicks in when you aren’t doing anything at all in the project.

To check on power usage, maybe leave Resource Monitor open and focus on Scrivener.exe and then use it for a while, see if there is any excess CPU, network, or disk usage going on. I haven’t noticed anything out of line myself.

I have found the issue and it’s not Scrivener related. It seems that another program failed to close out properly, which caused one of my sync applications to get stuck. So my machine was trying to sync to a cloud app for the whole two and half hours.

AmberV - Thanks for letting me know how the auto-save works. I’ve been really happy with the 99 second setting so I’ll keep that. I’m one of those writers that spends a lot of time thinking while writing so it actually probably saves pretty often for me.