V 1.2.5 is WORKING.

Ok, maybe I didn’t have to use capital letters for that one, but…

I had HUGE issues with the 1.2.1-update, and had to downgrade to the 1.0.3 again for Scrivener to work. And I have been eagerly awaiting an update that would solve these problems.

This new 1.2.5 is so far working great. That is, it starts, it enables me to writ, it closes when I want it to.

The only thing I am not all that happy about (very minor issue) is that it killed my native Norwegian dictionary, and for some reason believed I would be happy writing in English all of a sudden. But downloading the Norwegian dictionary worked, and I even did not have to restart Scrivener to get the new dictionary to work.

Now, I just have to see if all the other “corrections” I have made in the dictionary are still there, or if I have to do them all again. (So far, the "do not substitute “I” for “i” is still there…)

Great job.
Thank you.

It was actually an Aspell bug involved with trying to automatically set the dictionary to the system locale that caused the crashes with earlier 1.2 versions on some set ups, which is why this is not available in 1.2.5. :slight_smile: I’m happy Scrivener is running for you again!