v Text Gone--Poof!

So I have never gotten v 1.9.16 to work on my laptop, where I do all of my work, but I had another installation of Scrivener on my office computer, which has v1.9.15.0. So I thought I would try to do a little work–after a month’s forced hiatus–on my office computer.

So I took the Save file from the laptop where I usually work and opened it in v1.9.15.0. While the outline (chapters, sections, etc.) are still there, ALL OF MY TEXT–about 200 pages!!–IS COMPLETELY GONE! THERE. IS. NO. TEXT.

So just when I thought that not being able to use the program was a major problem, Scrivener proved me wrong–200 pages of work is now missing. How could this possible happen to my file?

What was the ‘save file’ you referred to?

Did you copy across the entire .scriv folder with all contents?

Just checked, looks like the zip I extracted from is corrupted, will have to try to re-zip and try again on Monday

Having the outline without the text is usually a symptom that only the .scrivx master index file was transferred. You need a copy of the entire contents of the .scriv folder.

The easiest way to get one is to create a ZIP backup from the original project using the backup command in Scrivener.