v. small bug? splitting docs in scrivener mode

Having just got started with scrivener, I imported a long document (a novel plot overview) which I then wanted to split into smaller chunks (individual scenes). The split option is working fine, but to save me having to click onto the next scene in the binder after ever split, to see the rest of the long doc and split off the next chunk, I thought it would be easier to split using the scrivener mode. Ie to view the folder in scrivener mode, scroll to where I wanted a split, split the doc (which I assumed would insert a horizontal rule at that point, indicating a swap from one scene to the next in scrivener mode) then keep on scrolling to the next point where I wanted a split, because although the text had been split into two chunks, scrivener mode would still show them both and I could just keep on scrolling.

However, when in scrivener mode, if I split the scene, the rest of the text below the split vanishes as a new document is produced. If I click away from the folder and back again, still in scrivener mode, the rest of the document reappears beneath a hr, as expected, at which point I can scroll down and choose the next split point. Switching to the corkboard or outline modes shows the new extra scene, but if I switch back to scrivener mode without clicking away from the scene it was already in, the text of the new scene still doesn’t show up at the bottom. Clicking away to any other folder or individual document before clicking back to the folder seems to sort the problem.

Clearly this isn’t a major issue, but it is a mild irritation when splitting up a long document which needs a large number of splits…

I did search this forum to see if this had been reported already before posting, and didn’t find anything, but I’m new here so apologies if you know about this already!


This behavior of the split feature–leaving you in the top document, with your split text just vanished–has been noted and will change, never fear. What should happen is the reverse–that when you split a document, the new “split off” text is loaded into the editor, with the prior document out of the way. Thus you could continue on down your document, split again, continue on, split again, etc.

In the Mac version it’s also possible to use the locked editor feature in combination with Scrivenings view to make splits while keeping all of the text documents visible, as you were hoping to do, so this should come over too, though this was a 2.0 feature in the Mac and will probably not make it into the Windows version for release.