V025: Keyboard Short Cuts

So, since Lee so thoughtfully gave a listing of all the keyboard short cuts implemented (or planned?), I figured that this was a feature that was begging to be tested. :wink:

Shortcut to replace. Does not seem to be implemented. I tried invoking it in single editor view, split view, etc= nada. The Replace command in the menu doesn’t have the Ctrl-H shortcut indicated, either, so perhaps it’s planned?

Shortcut to indent paragraph and outdent paragraph respectively. I’m not sure if the description is right, but when I tried to invoke this, I increased/decreased the hanging indent of a paragraph.


Is this the intended behavior? I was expecting either the entire paragraph to be indented or the paragraph to have a tab-like indent.

Ctrl-W versus Ctrl-F4
Shortcut to close project and close current project respectively. I’m not sure what’s the difference between the two? However, Ctrl-W doesn’t seem to do anything when I tried it out, although Ctrl-F4 does close the current project.

Ctrl- -
Shortcut to zoom out. Zooming in seems to work, but zooming out with this short cut does not. (FWIW, scrolling with the mouse to zoom in/out works fine both ways.)

Shortcut to toggle Title Case. Well, it turns my highlighted text to title case, but when I tried to “toggle” it (i.e. turn it off), it didn’t do anything. Perhaps “toggle” is not the right description if this is the indented behavior.

Overall, I really like having a lot of these short cuts, although I’m uncertain about one or two. It could be a matter of just acclimating myself to the functionality, so I’ll see if it makes sense after a few more sessions. :slight_smile:


If you use ctrl+q and ctrl+t, you will get the expected indentation :wink:

Ctrl - seems to be used for both zooming out and the strikethrough function. That might be why when I was trying to use it earlier the strikethrough wasn’t being applied.

Ctrl+Alt+Up- Doesn’t do anything.
Ctrl+Alt+Down- Turns the display upside down. Amusing, but decidedly unhelpful. I can only assume it conflicts with a standard Windows command.
The left and right ones work, so…?
(edit for typos/ clarification)

Ahhh, in that case, I’m guessing that the descriptions on the PDF were swapped. Ctrl-t for normal indent makes more sense to me than Ctrl-q . :slight_smile:

Good catch. Didn’t see it was used for strikethrough, too. So, now it’s not working for either?

Are you using Win2000 by any chance? Ctrl+Alt+Down shows/hides the footer (displaying zoom, word count, etc) and Ctrl+Alt+Up hides/shows the menu bar for me. Using Win7 here (on two separate machines).

Shortcuts in the PDF Lee supplied are, as it says, a work in progress: it does appear that some don’t match up with the menus in the application, and yes, a few names are mixed up. I think overall, if there’s a conflict with a shortcut listed in the actual Scrivener menu, the menu will be the right one.

Title Case is a one time thing, so it shouldn’t be listed as toggle; it isn’t in the menu. The only one that toggles is Upper/Lower case, Ctrl-Shift-6.

Zoom Out shortcut does appear to be broken, likewise Strikethrough, likely because they accidentally ended up the same. Note that the strikethrough shortcut (Ctrl±) does work in full screen.

The Ctrl-Q/Ctrl-T shortcuts appear to have been swapped, yes; Ctrl-T is also a first-line indent, not a full paragraph indent.

Yes, this got caught at the last minute but it looks like Lee didn’t have a chance to change them. What computer are you using? I know this was a problem on an Asus laptop, and it is a system command that’s conflicting, yeah. Sorry about that; for now you can access the Hide/Show for the editor footer and header via the View>Layout menu.

I’m running Windows XP on a crappy Toshiba Tecra M9 laptop. Thanks!

Ha, don’t thank me yet; let me at least give you the right info. Ctrl-Alt-Up is the shortcut for “Show/Hide Toolbar” which is just at the bottom of the View menu.

Ctrl-Alt-Right is Format>Show/Hide Format Bar, if that one comes up as an issue too (all the Ctrl-Alt-Arrowkeys potentially conflict on different systems).

Huh. My control-alt-anything doesn’t work at all. Tried to use the control-alt down to reveal my footer, which is only visible on the top pane on the horizontal editor split, and none of them work. I don’t know about the rest yet.

At least they do nothing for you all. :slight_smile: On my computer those Ctrl-Alt-Arrow shortcuts rotate the entire screen around by 90º, which seems kind of strange for a laptop. Sure, I can think of times when that could be somewhat useful, with an external display or projector, but high-level global shortcuts for rapidly switching between upside down and not?

I’m also getting the 90-degree rotation for each of the four Cntl+Alt+Arrow combinations. Running XP. Mostly, it’s just funny :slight_smile:

Asus laptop, by any chance? I’m on w7.

FYI, I made an announcement thread with a couple of the biggies, posted here. Thanks for noting all these.

Big one to watch out for that isn’t listed here–Ctrl-Delete is listed in the PDF as deleting one word to the right, but that shortcut will move your documents to the trash and seems to work even when editing text. You can move your document back in place by dragging it up to the right location or right-clicking on it in the binder and using the “Move To” option in the context menu, but keep an eye out for it.

Dang, I’ve an Asus, W7, but it doesn’t seem to rotate for me. I’m a little bummed :laughing: I was looking forward to a few minutes of procrastination fun.

I know that one person’s intuitive is another person’s infuriating AND…
my suggestion is that Ctrl-Alt-Up SHOULD be toggling the header, to match Ctrl-Alt-Down toggling the footer. Then Ctrl-Alt-Left could do the main tool bar and Ctrl-Alt-Right could do the formatting bar.

I second this.