V1.2.1.0 Update Download freezing on 1%

Scrivener for Windows V1.0.3 Vista ultimate

Opened Scrivener and it carried out an automatic update check. Told me there is a new version to download. Update size 48mb.

Clicked on download update then the status bar goes from 0% to 1% and hangs with the green status bar flashing.

Tried 3 or 4 times now since 19th June. Am I doing something wrong? :confused:

Ok, I guess it must be me then… (or my firewall or something)

Just opened Scrivener for windows (still on 1.0.3) and there is a message to say new update available v1.2.3.

Clicked to download update. It’s still freezing on download status 1%, same problem as when I tried to update to 1.2.1 so I’d better check my security software. If that is not the problem, suppose I ought to uninstall Scrivener for Windows and reinstall the new version.

Does that mean I lose all of my preferences though?