v1.5.7 Bad Allocation Error

There have been a few other posts about this, but there was no resolution to any of them so I am trying to readdress the issue.

I just started using Scrivener last night and it worked swimmingly until about an hour ago. I tried to import a pdf into the research folder of my project, which caused Scrivener to shut down and repeatedly give the error message “Bad Allocation”. Now when I start the program it either freezes as soon as it loads the project, or starts to repeatedly pop up the Bad Allocation error when I try to do anything.

I have tried to put the pdf files into the trash, and subsequently empty that. However that results in the same error message, all of my folders disappear, and the program freezes.

I have sent a message to Tech Support, but am currently on a huge deadline (which is why I initially thought it would be a good idea to use this program). Please help.


This does sound like it’s down to the PDF import, so removing that from the project is the first thing to try for a resolution to the immediate issue. Since it sounds like you’re unable to delete it via the Scrivener interface, you can do so instead by navigating into the project’s .scriv folder when the project is closed. All your documents are stored in the Files\Docs folder in the project, so you can find and delete the relevant PDF file there. (Viewing Windows Explorer in Details view and sorting by Type should simplify this.) The file will be numbered, rather than using the title as the file name, but if you’re on a newer version of Windows you should be able to preview the file right in Windows Explorer, and otherwise you can double-click to open it in your default PDF reader to confirm that it’s the correct file to remove from the project. Once you’ve removed the PDF, try reopening the project in Scrivener. If the PDF was the problem, you should be able to work now without the error message, and you can then delete the PDF’s binder item (it will still be listed there, though it will not load in the editor since the PDF is no longer in the project folder).