v1.9.5.0 Bug: Custom Icons

Since the update to v1.9.5.0 the icon selection does not work properly anymore when having many custom icons.

How to reproduce the bug:

  • Have so many custom icons that it needs 3 columns to display them in the Documents->Change Icon selection.

What happens:

  • In the first column everything is displayed correctly (icons and icon text).
  • In the second column only icons are displayed (centered), but the icon text is missing.
  • In the third column neither icons nor text are displayed, only empty lines.

Hi David, Thanks for the report. Could you please post a screenshot of the menu showing the problem? Was this working correctly for you in 1.9?

Hi Jennifer,

yes, this was working correctly in v1.9

Here is the screenshot:

Please note that in the third (right) column there should be ~10 more icons which are not shown at all, but it is still possible to click on them.

This is a Qt 4.8.6 bug, which has been fixed in Scrivener v1.9.6.0.

Yes, it is fixed in 1.9.6.

Thanks a lot!