[v1.9] Transferring to a new computer

(sigh) I always seem to have issues when tech support is closed.

Transferring to a new computer. I found Installing on Additional Computers / Windows / Knowledge Base - Literature and Latte Support which tells me what might work.

Problem: I found the C:\Users\Account\Appdata\Local\Scrivener\Scrivener on the old machine for some of the files I need to copy.

I can’t find the comparative folder on the Win 10 machine.

Search for “support folder” in the manual and check all the places it’s mentioned, for context.

Typo in your link. I took the liberty of fixing it. – Mod.

Still a typo in the link … /Scriverner/Scrivener


I did look for “support folder.” Nothing to tell me how to find it. With additional hunting, I did find out where to turn on file extensions and reveal hidden folders.

Actually, I just fixed it, as there was a typo in the first link, and one in the path referenced.

My screenshot tells you how to find it.

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My screenshot tells you how to find it.

There’s FILE. Where is what you’re talking about, please?

You are using the older version (1.9.x) for Windows. This is what he was talking about in the new version

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Well, I checked for upgrades and the copy I have says it is up to date.

And now I have to figure out how to undo the imported preferences because apparently, Microsoft, in its INFINITE wisdom, decided that my user account path should be “maril” instead of “Marilyn” – and now I cannot do a backup in Scrivener -or- close the Project because the path is wrong.


It’s an up to date copy of Scrivener 1, which hasn’t had a significant upgrade in five years or so. Literature & Latte will get back to you eventually, but almost everyone on the forum is a Scrivener 3 user, and we’ve left version 1 (and 2) in our rear-view mirrors.

Yes, I’m aware that 1.9 is old. I’ve been extremely busy and haven’t kept up with when 3.x was coming out – I guess I erroneously assumed I would be notified about buying an upgrade.

Besides, it took time to save up the money for a new computer. In any case, I have just bought Scrivener 3.0, so now I have to figure out what do do with it. Does this run as an update or do I install a separate copy of Scrivener 3 and then try to import over from the copy of 1.9 which is on the new machine? (Oh, nver mind… I can’t figure out where Microsoft has decided downloads go on this bleeping Win10 machine. CANNOT find the installer. I hate Win10.

Install 3, and version 1 hangs around until you delete it. Double-clicking on a .scrivx will open the last one you installed, and that will be 3, but you can still use version 1 by opening it directly. When you open a version 1 project in 3, the program will convert the project and make a backup of the old version. Here’s the upgrade guide:

upgrade to Scrivener 3

Downloads go in the Downloads folder, which should be visible in Quick Access in the Files app.

It ain’t there. Quick Access shows a DL in Dropbox which has a scrivener-install file from 07/2020, which is doubtless the 1.9 that I currently have here. There’s also a Download under Users which has the 2020 DL. I looked under THIS PC and there’s nothing Scrivener there. I’ve also found a scrivener-installer from 2014.

Downloads go where you put them, or by default the browser puts them in the default folder or another setup location. See Find my downloads in Windows 10 and other articles on the “net” searching for “where are windows download files”.

I attempted that. The problem was that the link I had after I bought the full Scrivener as opposed to an upgrade did not work. When I DL the trial, I had no problem finding where it went because it actually downloaded. I then installed the trial and put my new registration in it.

The trial is the full version, and you had no trouble finding it.

That was my point. The problem was a flawed link in the letter I got when I purchased the license. It wasn’t DL anything. But when I clicked on DL the trial, it promptly DL correctly and I had no problem finding the DL.

Do you mean a link in the email vs. a different link on their website?