[v1] How could one remove the underline in the title?

How could one remove the underline in the title:

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I am experiencing same now. Have Scrivener 1. Does anyone have a solution to this?

Because I can’t let a bone go, I tried this. I don’t know if it makes a differences what document you use. But I cut the title out. When I did that the top line of the document became the title - still underlined. Then I took the title I had cut, and dropped it document notes, to see if it was an underlining issue. It wasn’t. Still I underlined it, Un-underlined, then copied it back to the my title space, and the line was gone. I checked all my other chapters and all were clear. Forgot to mention that I was having underlining with ALL my chapters, which wasn’t there before. Hope you don’t have to worry about this, because I have no idea how the issue got started, but if you do, hopefully this, or some variation thereof, will work for you.

I don’t know what or how any of that changed the display of this plain-text field for you—none of that makes any sense at all. What is meant to be going on here is that when you have the editor split, the active split is underlined to help you see which one is active. That’s all it is. This is no more formatting than the font used to display the title on the corkboard is formatting.

To illustrate @AmberV’s explanation:

Left editor selected - Underline on left, no underline on right

Right editor selected - No underline on left, underline on right

@myblessedfriends, the underline is an intentional user interface element.