[v1.x] Hiding the 'Chapter' heading and keeping the chapter title

Is there a way to remove the ‘Chapter - #’ text?

So instead of:

Chapter - 1
The First Day

It would just be:

The First Day


Duplicate and Edit the Compile Format you want to use (either double-click it or right-click it and select “Duplicate & Edit”). Under the Section Layouts tab, select “Chapter Title,” click the Title Options tab, and delete everything in the Prefix box.

Thanks, but where can I find the menu item to “Duplicate and Edit the Compile Format”?

Go to File → Compile. On the left you have your built-in Formats. Select the one you want to use, and then you can either double-click it or right-click it to Duplicate and Edit.

If you’re on Scrivener 1, this will function differently. These instructions are for Scrivener 3.


I am on

Do you know the process for that?

I don’t have ready access to Scrivener 1 at the moment, unfortunately. Maybe another Scrivener 1 user can jump in here.

The upgrade is either free or 49% off if you want to check into it: https://www.literatureandlatte.com/upgrade-to-scrivener-3-for-windows

I found a way to do this (for epub).
In Compile - Formatting, for each section, delete the prefix details and compile.
The “Chapter 1” etc is now gone.