v16 x86 network lag

I’ve been using these beta versions since day 1 and never had any problems with accessing networked files until I moved from 64bit to 32bit.

The problem is lag while typing text into a document. At fairly regular intervals (about every minute) the cursor will freeze for maybe 5 seconds, then all the characters I’ve typed will flood onto the page as if they’ve been delayed in transit.

This only occurs in the 32bit version, and only for files stored remotely on networked storage (local network).

I’ve now moved back to the 64bit version, and all is well again. I just thought I’d flag it as a possible fault.

I have a laptop, 4gb ram, windows 7 64bit (fully patched), networked via wifi and good signal.

I tried the 32bit version as I’m low on system resources and thought 32bit might tie up less of it.