v2.0: How to make the corkboard more narrow?

In v1, the minimum width for the corkboard is 221 px but in v2, I can’t get it more narrow than 316 px.

I like to have the binder, corkboard, text editor and comments all viewable at the same time and it’s no problem on a 1440 px wide screen. But, on a 1280 px wide screen, that extra 95 px means a more cramped text editor and binder.

So, if anyone knows how to make it more narrow again, it’d help a lot.

The minimum width of each editor is indeed now 315 pixels. Any wider, and some of the new controls in the footer bars would get messed up and disappear completely until you restart the project because of an Apple bug. I will be testing on my new MacBook Air 11" when it arrives to check on screen space, but I have no problems on the current smallest machine available, the MacBook 13".