v2: Can't Save "Selection" Search

Hi Keith et al,

Not sure if this is specifically a bug, but I can’t find it in the documentation. Seems it’s not possible to save a search if you tick “Search Binder Selection Only” in the options drop down. I can understand if this relates to Scrivener not being able to keep tabs constantly on what/where your selection is, but I didn’t see any mention of this in the help file so it’s a little confusing.

Minor detail. Excellent, excellent work all around and I adore Scrivener with a truly terrifying passion. :slight_smile:


Edit: Eh, I see it’s the same for earlier versions (apparently I just never needed to do this before) so it’s probably not a bug. But I guess it would be nice if it mentioned this in the help file. Since I’m sure Ioa doesn’t have enough else to do. :wink:

I exist merely to add this line to the document.


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