v2: Ghost notes gone?

I’m still in love with 2.0 no matter what the answer; I’m too far gone to even think of breaking up over something this minor. But I admit to having a slight obsession with the old “ghost notes” mode in previous version (it’s Ioa’s fault, I swear, ever since I read his post on all the awesome things you could do with the separator in annotations I just can’t get enough of the brilliant ways to use it) and I can’t find a way to do that in 2.0. Did it just get removed since now there are the inspector comments?

It was removed because it turned out to slow things down considerably and also because of the new Inspector comments. I lament its passing as well.


Ahh. Sniff. I shed tears for my dear departed ghost notes. (There’s at least a touching irony in the name that appeals…) Completely understandable, but yes, it was a fantastic feature and I will miss it as I start to switch my work habits to use inspector comments. Happily with the radically improved search features, I can use my various annotation keywords in comments (and I could change colors, too, but I’m always too lazy to bother with that–we’ll see in the future, though) so the basic idea of the separator for that function is obviously not gone. I just am a fan of using the inline annotations for certain types of notes, but it was nice to have them faded out so they weren’t distracting.

Anyway. Farewell, old ghost notes. You were loved, but you were too slow. You should’ve known to keep up with the times!

Pretty much everyone laments its passing! But being able to type at full speed in Snow Leopard is, I must say, a decent bargain. The frustrating thing is that Windows users get Ghost Notes because their text engine doesn’t have the faults that the Mac engine does in this regard! :slight_smile:

Yeah, the trouble is that ghost notes requires Scrivener to check every time the text selection changes - which it does as you type, too - and apply or remove temporary attributes (colours) to or from the text. I turns out that applying temporary attributes is painfully slow in the text system. I’ve had to completely rewrite the way temporary colours get assigned during full screen mode to avoid these slowdowns too, which works fine for all of the text but involves too much interruption to the typing code to fade stuff in or out depending on selection.

So in the end I sacrificed it for the sake of speed. I agree that it’s a shame, as I really liked it too, and I don’t rule out its return if I can find a way of doing it faster - but after a month or two of optimising the text system for 2.0, I didn’t want to spend another month just trying to find a way to get ghost notes working.


Yes, please bring Ghost Notes Mode back if there is any chance!


Woah, thread necromancy - this post is well over two years old. :slight_smile: Sorry, Ghost Notes mode is gone for good; it caused significant slowdowns in the OS X text system.

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