v2: Synopsis missing in compiled text?

I’m trying Scrivener and now Scrivener 2 (like the program a lot, and will be buying the finished version asap).

My problem:
I work with scripts, where I use the Note-synopsis for descriptions and put only dialogues in the text-files themselves.
In Scrivener 1, when I opt to include the synopsis in the compiled version, it works as planned and I get a file with alternating descriptions and dialogues .
In v2 – on the same, imported file and using the same options – the synopsis-texts are missing from the compiled version.

Maybe it’s just me having to figure out how it works, but maybe it’s a bug.


Ensure “Synopsis” is ticked for text document types (third row) in the Formatting pane. There’s a lot more flexibility now.

I just tried this and it works ok for me. Did you enable the ‘synopsis’ checkboxes in the ‘formatting’ section of the compilation settings?

Edit: Ah, KB got there first :slight_smile:


Thanks for all yours efforts.
I tried it in a new Scriver v2 document, and the synopsisses (?) seem to turn up fine then.
But it still doesn’t work in a document that I started earlier in Scrivener 1, and now opened into v2.

I cannot reproduce this. 1.x should have no effect on this, as all the settings are different (1.x settings won’t be remembered in the 2.x compile pane, you set them up afresh). Please provide steps to reproduce.

Hi POost,

Thanks for sending me your sample project, that helped - I can now see the problem. The problem is that you have “Compile As-Is” set for all your documents. If “Compile As-Is” is set for a document in 2.0, it tells the compile to ignore all of the settings in the Formatting pane and just compile the document exactly as it appears in the editor, with none of the other elements added - thus your synopses don’t get included.

There’s no need to use “Compile As-Is” for documents other than things such as title pages, really, so you can turn that off for your documents and you should be good. You have “Override text…” turned off in the Formatting pane anyway, so your formatting won’t be touched.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Thanks, Keith!
That solved it (the tick-boxes in the “Contents”-screen of the Compilation Options).
Sorry for troubling you instead of reading the (hefty) manual first, and thanks again for your great help!

No problem - glad it helped!