V3 losing Section Layout Assignments

After a lot of work and learning, I got my book to look ok as a PDf document. I had used structured assignments for about 95% of the pages. Then I went to try a Kindle MOBI output. I was shocked to see:

  1. Compile didn’t remember much from my work on the PDF, so I would have to re-do it for an eBook
  2. That Project => Project Settings, where you do work for the whole project had forgotten stuff I had done for the PDF.
  3. That my choices for Compile => Assign Sections layout for an eBook were so different and more limited than they were for PDF.
  4. When I went back to re-try a PDF compile, much of my Compile setup and assignments appeared to have been lost.

Are others seeing similar problems, or have the computer demons invaded my system?

Are you talking about compiling from within one and the same project here?

I don’t know if this will be relevant to your case, but…

When you craft a custom compile there is a drop down where you can specify what formats the compile is good for. Of course some settings only apply or apply specially to different formats, but things common to your chosen applicable formats should stay put.

When editing compile, the dropdown is at the top of the left side settings nav pane.


P.S. The settings in Project Settings Know nothing of what format you might choose to compile to – and so should be compile agnostic. I am in fact not quite sure why you would need to go in there and change anything in order to compile differently.