V3: Minor dictionary problem

I’ve noticed in a few versions (but never bothered to report it – my bad!) that when I change dictionaries, my Personal Word List is ignored. The genre I’m writing in has a number of made-up yet often-used words, and they all get underlined despite being in my PWL.

The typical scenario (for me) is that I’ve done a fresh install of a Scrivener version (specifically, the RCs), which has consequently reverted back to using the default English US dictionary. So when I switch it back to English UK, that’s when I hit this problem.

The way around it has always been to simply restart Scrivener, although I didn’t realise that in the early days of it, and deleted everything in my PWL before manually re-adding.

As I say, minor gripe but I’d wager it’s an easy fix for a future release.