V3 PDF Table of Contents Problems

In V2 I used the following instructions to create a PDF TOC:

  1. In your Front Matter folder, create a blank text document called Table of Contents, add a title at the top then add couple blank lines.
  2. If the ruler isn’t visible, then Format => Show Ruler or CMD+R
  3. In the Binder, select the items you want in the TOC. Select the first and then with the CMD key down click on select the other folders and documents that you want in the TOC.
  4. Go to Edit => Copy Special => Copy Documents as ToC
  5. Go to the recently created TOC page, position yourself at the bottom and paste using Edit => Paste and Match Style.
  6. With the TOC area selected, Format => Text => Remove All tab Stops.
  7. With the TOC area selected, Click on the ruler to set a tab stop where you want the page numbers.
  8. Format the text (size etc.) as required.

The worked well for my hierarchal <$hn> nested book which has folders, and nested documents.

Now with V3 they don’t. Attached are 3 screen-shots V3:

  1. is the actual Paste into the TOC
  2. is the Compile => Title settings
  3. is the PDF output

With V2. I get a clean well-formatted TOC, with V3 I get a mess.

I have messed with the extra checkboxes in the Compile => Title page but got no joy.
Any suggestions are welcome.


Here is what V2 looked like


This, by any chance?


This is one place where creating a “Body” style will really mess you up! Using a style and “As-Is” is problematic in the TOC.