V3 - Reproducible Scrivener not responding from very simple action

My initial test of V3 concludes with the observation that I cannot use it as it is. I’m sad about that.

Here is a simple way to reproduce the hang : Start Scrivener with previous view, then do 1 thing and Scrivener hangs. My Setup: Win 10, Home, 64-bit, build 20H2 full up to date. Application on main screen with Intel graphics, but nVidia graphics card for 2x other screens - did not test this there.

Update: project was imported from previous version; PC not rebooted after installation

1, Open Scrivener - note the split in the centre, the Unplaced item is selected in the binder and shown in the active lower centre panel
[attachment=1]How to hang Scrivener 3 - 1 (edited).jpg[/attachment]
2. Click Manuscript - content of active lower centre panel changes but now “Scrivener Not Responding”
[attachment=0]How to hang Scrivener 3 - 2 (edited).jpg[/attachment]
I do hope this is easily resolved. Good luck

PS you also see the separate scroll bar issue very clearly in these images.


Have you tried these steps in other projects? For example, if you create a copy of the Tutorial from the help menu, which is fairly simple but has a good amount of text to work with, and set up the window like you have your main project, does it hang repeatedly?

I suspect it will not. More likely it has something to do with the content of the project—perhaps it is indexing in the background and getting stuck on some large files, maybe a folder has 2,500 index cards in it, maybe a document has a few hundred footnotes that you are clicking into. Look for things that might be unusual in what you are doing.

This for example:

Maybe you have Scrivenings mode enabled and it is not responding because it is very busy, going through your entire book and loading it into the main editor all at once? Does the same thing happen if you switch the view mode to Outliner?

It would also be a good idea to go into options, and in the General: Warnings tab, set the option to show logs. That way you can see what it is working on in the background. “Not responding” can sometimes just mean it’s working on something to the extent that it isn’t reporting to the system. Obviously it shouldn’t be working so hard, but the log may indicate why it is, and thus lead to the nature of the problem.

OK, there’s about 25k words in a few dozen documents. I’ll let it sit there for a while in case it is indexing.

But, if that is the case, then there should be some indication that a long task is being performed…

I can confirm that the issue does not occur with a trivial new project (from novel template)

Will update further later (and when I have checked for scrivenings mode etc.)

Thank you for the constructive investigatory suggestions


I let it sit there after clicking Manuscript - and after 5 minutes killed it. A whole CPU core was being fully used and memory was at 250MB and climbing about 1MB/task manager refresh, so looking like there is also memory leak related to…?

I turned on the log window and restarted. Absolutely nothing happens in the window after initial loading, which seems fine - it takes only about 0.001s per file; there are no errors noted - just a couple of warnings about sRGB profiles for images I must have somewhere. And when I click “Manuscript” nothing is added to the log at all.

It turns out that doing anything to the Manuscript item in the binder causes the hang - even right click so it’s got nothing to do with any action taken other than possibly working out what actions are possible :slight_smile:

Is there some other way I could import the old project? I suspect something went wrong with the conversion and the Manuscript object is invalid in some horrible way with a null pointer or something…

Or ________ ? Over to you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the additional information. I agree that it sounds a bit like there is a bad configuration that resulted from the project upgrade procedure, rather than it being content related. A few 25k word items, while quite a lot for a single text item, shouldn’t cause it to hang indefinitely.

So yes, what you can try is doing a full import of the project into a new blank shell. The command to use is File ▸ Import ▸ Scrivener Project…. Now for the best results, you’ll want to look up Appendix C.1 in the user manual, and copy over metadata or other such things (like auto-complete phrase lists). You should do that first, so that the project import will link up all the custom metadata, labels and other things you use to the incoming items. Stuff like keywords, snapshots and pretty much everything else will import over with that command. It’s a pretty thorough process. Of course if you don’t use much by way of metadata you can probably skip most of that.

If you have worked on a compile format, you can copy those over from the respective “Settings/Compile Formats” subfolders of the project, on the disk.

Lastly, if this is a reproducible problem—if you can go back to the original v1 project, upgrade it, and run into the same hang—we’d love to take a look at that original backup, if that’s all right with you. It could be an easy to fix bug that makes life easier for the next person that would have encountered it. Just send the .zip in to support with a link to this thread so they know the history.


I did as you suggested and imported the previous project instead of opening it an converting it.

That seemed ok.

I then looked at appendix C1 but label drag-and-drop didn’t work (labels on their own or colours), so I recreated them by hand. I exported and re-imported sections without problem. It seems there was little else that need to be transferred.

The imported version seems to be OK.

I also re-opened a copy of the original project for re-conversion and the same issue arose, i.e. the issue is reproducible. I will see whether I can strip down the project while retaining the error source with a view to sending it to you to investigate.

BR, Julian

Thanks, I’ve re-opened the ticket on Label drag and drop. That was working prior to launch at a certain point, but appears to have broken since the last round of testing.

I thought everything had imported OK but it seems that snapshots didn’t get imported.

Can I just copy the contents of the snapshot folder from the old Scriv 1.9 backup folder?

Update: No, I tried. And took new snapshots for comparison; the organisation is different. How could I “import” the snapshots?

And now I’m getting properly stuck into Scrivener 3 - wow. There’s so much more to get to grips with - and the manual! I don’t think I have ever seen a piece of software so comprehensively documented… I’d like to read it all, but then I wouldn’t have time to write anything :slight_smile:

I am professionally involved in software development projects and I am mightily impressed by what you have done.

Yikes, that’s not right. I have tested snapshots and they indeed do not import; that’s a bug. Well, another way you can go about importing a project is drag and drop between panes—and that seems to be conveying snapshots correctly. That specific method may be problematic though with how the other project tends to hang the software, and I strongly doubt you’ll be able to drag from 1.9, though it’s maybe worth a try.

You would have had better luck copying the folder from the upgraded project that hangs, but unfortunately it looks like when a project is imported, it regenerates the internal ID numbers, so nothing would match up.

Well I’ll get this filed as a priority issue, so it gets fixed sooner than later. Project Import is meant to be a fail-safe for just these sorts of rare issues. It’s no good if it loses a huge amount of background data.

At any rate, all of these rough bumps aside, I’m happy to hear it is overall working out well for you. And thanks for the kind words regarding the manual.

Glad to have helped identify a significant issue quickly! :slight_smile:

I have a similar issue with Scriven are not responding whenever there is a split screen, whenever you have images in the characters section.
My resolution is simply do not use images in Scribner, thank you for Microsoft Word just for image references, this is annoying having to use to programs however, it is my only solution…

An additional point that needs resolving accessibility when windows changes, context, menu, font size, scriveners font size in its context. Menu is hardcoded and too small to be read at high resolutions and does not change with windows. This is a junior oversight in programming not to use the Windows API for context, menu, font sizing. Please get your developers to fix this in the next version. ,

PS has that Scrivener abandoned its requirement to get people to pay for updates considering I bought a lifetime license to the software.