Vampires, Burial & Death by Paul Barber.

A stimulating subject.
What can I say. If you want to read about vampire folklore (NOT about the fictional vampire), Barber’s book is a great place to start.

…But I also have on my nightstand a Jeaniene Frost book. The 4th in her Night Huntress series.

Brilliant book. See What Makes The Vrykolokas REALLY Tick. (And I’ve just noticed that it’s sitting next to “How to Live” by Sarah Bakewell. Haphazard bookshelving can be a treat sometimes.)

Haphazard bookshelving, eh? Sounds like my shelving system.
Also heartily recommend to the vampire-inclined: The Vampire Book, by Melton. I have the 2nd edition. Saw there’s a 3rd edition out now.

Books on my reading list, currently waiting on my shelf:
The Vampire: A Casebook - Alan Dundes
Slayers And Their Vampires - Bruce McClelland

Edited: The vrykolakas. Oh yes. How about the vârcolac/varkolak versions, and yes, the strigoi! Oh. There are so MANY more. Boggles the mind.


And I thought you were a nice girl. :open_mouth:

Mind you, it doesnt surprise me that Bywaters into the kinky stuff. Always had my doubt about that bloke! :confused:

I am a nice girl. :blush:
I just happen to like undead guys. And slayage.

Um…that didn’t come out right did it?

Rephrase: I like writing about undead guys and slayage. Urban fantasy is my thang.
Also, lousy grammar.
In my defense, I shall say the term “slayage” has been coined by Buffy. -->

I suppose in some quarters, that could be seen as a mitigating circumstance , off the top of my head though, I can`t think where those quarters might be. :confused:

Im surprised Le D hasnt been sniffing around this thread, it`s right up his street, with him being a vampiric skeleton.

Cadence, mon amour, I am…how you say…always around
Bon Appétit ma Chérie
Le D :smiling_imp:

Oh, vic-k! :frowning: I apologize for my slayage of the English language, then!
By the way, I googled “slayage” and came up with 25,800 results. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, Mr. D! I love your text color! And the French! :blush: