Vancouver style

Hi all.
I am writing a book chapter that requires the Vancouver style of referencing (I have used mostly APA, or APA-like alphabetical systems in the past). As relatively new to both Scrivener (for a large project anyway) and completely new to the Vancouver style, I am wondering if you could share how you automatize the referencing while working in a project? Thank you!

I’ve always used a bibliographic database manager – there are plenty of them. My choice is Bookends, but you can take your pick from EndNote, Zotero, Bibdesk, Mendeley, and a few others.

Bookends integrates well with Scrivener or do you link post-Scrivener (after compilation)?

I find Bookends integrates with Scrivener very well. Inserting temporary citations is very easy. When the writing has been completed, the usual process is to compile to rtf, then run the finished work through Bookends, which converts citations to the chosen format, and inserts a bibliography in the appropriate style. It takes a matter of seconds for Bookends to do that. This is what I did with an 85,000 word thesis.

Thank you! I will look into Bookends then, I have it but never used it.
S. Gadbois