Vanished content after cut/paste/undo, etc.

Unfortunately, scrivener lost track of undos and didn’t do a snapshot correctly, I lost a couple of days of work.

I was cutting content from the content view of a chapter folder (no text files below it in hierarchy), and pasting into another text file in scrivener. Unfortunately, once I cut it and pasted it, I cut it again from the text file, then went back to the chapter folder to undo the cut. Unfortunately, there’s no undo available. Looking at my clipboard, I spaced and copied something else in the intervening time. Idiocy on my part, but where’s the undo?

Failing that, I did a snapshot of all the content last night. But there’s no snapshot available for the folder content view… WTF.


I’m not entirely sure why this is in the “Bug Hunt” section as it doesn’t sound like a bug.

First, make sure you click into the text area of the folder for undo to be available for that text - each document text keeps its own undo stack, separate from the undo stack for the binder, inspector etc. So if the focus is anywhere else but inside the text area, you won’t get the undo for that text. This undo stack gets reset in certain instances where it could get out of sync, but it doesn’t sound as though you have done anything that could have caused that, so long as the project is still open.

Of course, as is the case with all undo stacks, if you did any editing in the folder text, or inadvertently typed something, at the point where the text was held in memory, then you could have overwritten that action in the undo stack.

As for the snapshots, how did you do them? “Take Snapshot” with the folder selected and open in the editor? Or snapshots of all text documents. Again, make sure the focus is in the folder text before calling “Show Snapshots”.

Also, if you are looking for snapshots in the area where folders and documents appear (Binder) you won’t ever find any there. The most you’ll see are page icons with a dog-eared corner, which indicate something has a snapshot. To view the snapshot for that document, click on it in the Binder, and then select Documents/Snapshots/Show Snapshots. Here you can roll-back document state, delete unwanted snapshots, and preview the existing ones.