Vanished Documents/Scenes

So, basically, I use a Laptop and a Desktop PC to write my stuff, and save everything to my Dropbox folder, which usually works fine.

This time, I last saved my project on my PC and opened it from my laptop afterwards.

Most of my manuscript documents were gone, back to the state when I last opened the project on my laptop… aaaaand it promptly saved over the dropbox files.

Back at home, I tried opening the project on my PC, forgot to stop it from synching with dropbox, too - and the stuff is missing there, as well, because of course it is.

The good: The documents are still there in the docs folder.

The bad: They very persistently don’t show up in Scrivener.

The ugly: I can’t import them, because Scrivener keeps telling me I can’t import files that are already in the project.

Is there a proper way to fix that, or do I have to cut and paste all of that stuff somewhere, then re-import it and then hope that I still remember where each scene goes?