Vanished Files?

I was working on my book and had just finished a scene. I stopped for dinner and switched off the computer but when I went back onto Scrivener, an announcement flashed up. It said that there was trouble loading the “Search Indexes” (whatever that is) and told me what to do to fix it. I had had this announcement before, of course, but since I never used the search indexes, I had just ignored it, hit ‘OK’ and gone back to writing. This time, though, something just told me that I should do it. So the program opened and the first thing I did was tap Tools and click Save and rebuild Search Indexes. MY ENTIRE FIRST CHAPTER HAS VANISHED! I’ve opened uncountable numbers of backup files, looked in Documents to see if it was listed(It wasn’t), looked all over my folders and files to no avail and I’m just horrified at the idea that I might have to restart the whole thing. Please help! :cry: