Vanishing Binder/Inspector

I have encountered a strange problem with a vanished binder and inspector. This has now happened twice to me. I am in a collection and click on the Binder icon on the toolbar and the collection/binder frame vanishes and cannot be restored. Clicking on Collections or Binder in the toolbar does nothing. The Hide Binder menu item is displayed and clicking on it does nothing, which suggests to me that Scrivener thinks the Binder is still visible. No other combination of menu selections brings back the Binder. I had the Inspector window closed and cannot open it either by clicking on the Inspector icon in the toolbar or through the menu.The only way I have found to recover the binder is to quit out of Scrivener and reopen it.


I’ve never heard of those buttons not working, so the only thing I can think of is that an exception has been thrown. Next time it happens, could you please open the console (~/Applications/Utilities/ and see if there are any errors reported there?


All the best,