Vanishing Content; Word Count Malfunction; Views Askew

Between yesterday and today I have for the first time experience several problems with Scrivener.

1.) All work done yesterday is gone today.
2.) Switching between outline, edit and fullscreen modes seemed to actually cause work to ‘drop’ (disappear) on several occasions. Also, content present in fullscreen mode did not appear when I switched to edit mode; the word count in edit mode shows ‘0’, even when content was present in fullscreen mode.

I’m using version 1.11 on a Macbook running OS 10.5.5 with updates current through 9/25/05. I always, always backup to a flash drive before quitting and I always log out and put the laptop in sleep mode before packing it away.

When I started working this morning and encountered these problems, I checked the backup copy first, which contained what I was working on yesterday. I copied the backup from my flashdrive to my desktop. I downloaded a fresh copy of the app and replaced the one I’d been using. As I copied content between the two documents (backup and current), the problems persisted. At some point, I realized the material I’d actually finished yesterday wasn’t even on the backup copy anymore. The problems with switching between views also persisted.

I think there was a change to Quicktime on the last OSX update. Is it possible this is causing all these troubles? I’m rather discouraged. I’ve never had problems before with Scrivener, ever. I’ve run TechTool on my hard drive, all seems OK; I also ran the disk utility on hard drive and flash drive to repair permissions.

I have no idea what’s going on or how worried I should be. I’ve now wasted two days’ worth of writing time.

Please help.


It’s a little difficult to know exactly what is going on from your description. Firstly, to rule out the obvious: it’s not just that you have the outliner selected so that you can’t see the underlying text, is it? I have to rule out the obvious first…

Could you give step-by-step instructions on how to recreate this?

What exactly happened when you switched out of full screen mode? Are you saying that everything you had added in full screen didn’t appear at all? Did you get any “cannot save file” errors?

It’s unlikely that QuickTime would have any effect on all of this… I need more information, though, before I can get a clue as to what is going on. I’ve never heard of anything quite like it, so all the details you can give, no matter how trivial they may seem, may help.


Hi Keith,

No, it’s not just that I have the outliner selected. I’ll try to recreate what happened, although it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when things started going wrong.

I use the outliner to divide the work into discrete scenes or fragments, so I can rearrange them as needed. I selected a specific item in outline mode, entered fullscreen mode; selected content in that mode and copied said content. I then exited fullscreen mode, selecting another outline item (to which I wished to add that selected content), entered fullscreen mode, pasted the copied content there. The content I’d copied and pasted appeared normally in fullscreen mode in its new destination, including the word count at the bottom in the stats bar. When I exited fullscreen mode, selected the outline item and then switched to view it in edit mode, the content was not there and the word count indicated zero. At this point, I could no longer even ‘get into’ fullscreen mode for this the bulleted item/document, the contents of which I had just pasted and seen. The binder indicated the item in question had content. When I tried moving back and forth between other items and views, things seemed to work fine, although the content from the recent item was still gone.

Then, I noticed that, while in edit mode and selecting several different items from the binder to view them, I could not scroll beyond a certain point in some items, even though I knew there was content well ‘below’ the point at which I could no longer scroll. Once or twice there was a mangled line of half-text at the very bottom of the item being viewed (again, a point beyond which I could not scroll, thought there should have been content ‘below’ that point to view).

This happened with several items successively, however, as I continued to work. I cannot even guess what’s going on. Yesterday’s work is still, apparently, missing.

I’m sure it could be much worse, but my confidence in the program is shaken.

Thanks for any help,


You could always send the project to me at support AT literatureandlatte DOT com (zip it up first) so that I can prod around. Unfortunately it is very difficult to know what might have happened without seeing it for myself, or having some way of reproducing it. I can’t think of any reason why text would disappear, especially from the end of several documents… There is nothing in Scrivener that could do that automatically, so it’s puzzling without being able to see exactly what is happening.
All the best,