Vanishing Index Card text

Hello, I’ve just spent an hour working on a set of index cards as I’m roughing out my story. I went to export them, and no text shows up in the exported rtf file.

When I went back to my originals, the text is completely gone. I have no idea where it went.

What did I do wrong? How can I get this back, and how do avoid this in the future?

Is it lost forever? I thought there was some kind of auto-saving feature.

Bummed, but still psyched about Scrivener.

Can you give me a step-by-step account of what you did? Is everything in the draft? There is nothing in Scrivener that would just wipe your index card text…


Here is my best armchair guess:

  1. If you were typing your stuff onto the index cards (i.e. in corkboard view), then the text you entered is in the synopsis area (not the body text area) of your documents. Now, if you did a Draft export using the defaults this would include the body text of the documents, but not their synopses. That would explain why you did not see the text you expected when you exported. (Try: in Export Draft choose to include Synopses in the export.) [Another possibility is that what you are trying to export is not inside of Draft, but at some other level.]

  2. When you went back and looked for your text and found it missing, were you again in corkboard view and seeing the cards (sans synopsis text)? This is harder to guess at, but here are some thoughts… a) Am wondering if you instead had one of the documents selected and maybe the Inspector was clicked-off – in which case you would be looking only at the body text of that document (which would have nothing in it). b) Or maybe you did not even see the cards on the corkboard at all–which suggests you did not have the right thing selected in the binder (e.g., the Draft icon) to see the cards you expected to see.


Thank you both for replying.

Upon investigation, the text is there, in the synopsis mode, but I managed not to grasp that the text entered into the cards doesn’t just go everyplace. This is my first forray into Scrivener, so my learning curve is hitting immediate, unexpected vertical cliffs.

Once I figure out how to navigate through the basics, I should probably keep my mouth shut.

I’ll keep you posted as to my pitiful progress.

Keith, Mark Winter here, the StoryView guy. Despite my toe-stubbing, I’m having a gas with Scrivener.


I highly recommend the tutorial (in the dmg with the program - make sure to copy it to your hard drive before opening it). It really helps you get over those first few cliffs, and the going is much easier beyond them.

janra, Thanks for the tip. I went through the tutorial, and was really impressed by it. But I think the tutorial when through me as various things go through geese, and I must revisit it, obviously.