vanishing text

first off, I want to apologize for not taking notes on this when it happened.

anyway, a few days ago while working on a draft, the text vanished. just blank space. and, no, I hadn’t accidentally selected and cut.

intermittently the text would reappear. as an experiment, I tried using the “Show Invisibles” command and while I did see the “¶” marks in the appropriate places, the text itself did not do so. when I selected the now-(apparently) blank areas, that also did nothing.

I gave up making the text appear and eventually just cut-and-pasted it from an earlier snapshot. (fortunately I had made one.)


To me, this sounds as though your text was fine but there was some sort of display issue going on. Without more details or information it’s difficult to say what could have caused it, but if it happens again could you please follow the instructions below?

  1. Try selecting all the text - even though you can’t see it - and hit Copy, then try pasting into TextEdit. Does the text appear there? If so, you know it’s a display issue.

  2. Open the Console application from ~/Applications/Utilities/ and look for errors there pertaining to Scrivener. Copy them and send them to me (you can just select the rows in the Console and hit Copy). My guess is that there would have been a tonne of errors there, and that some sort of exception had been thrown in the background.

  3. Quit and restart. The text may well reappear - it would definitely do so if this was an error and display problem.

Of course, hopefully it was a one off for you, but if it does occur again the above might give me some clues.


All the best,

thanks for the reply. my problem happened either on the day that I started this thread or the day before, and I said before I worked around the problem.

I don’t think that I did this with TextEdit, but I use a program called Bean as my word processing “default” (for small documents only – for large ones I use Scrivener) and the text did not re-appear… to the best of my sometimes faulty memory.

I have opened Console and I will cut and paste the results to the reply to this reply.

certain that I did do that already. I mean, if a program starts acting up on me, I quit and restart the program. optionally, I quit and restart Mac OS itself.

okay, then. I don’t know which one of these pertains to the problem itself. obviously the bug turned up before January 19, 12:42. more than this I do not know.

There is something there about an input manager called “Inquisitor” - does that mean anything to you? It must be a third-party tool you have installed. That’s mentioned quite a lot in there, so it might be the culprit.

I DL’ed a plug-in called “Inquisitor” for Firefox and Safari. it didn’t work at all with whatever browser I installed it on, so I quickly deleted it.

but I think I had the invisible text problem on January 19 or maybe the January 18, by which time I had removed it.

if I have any more problems with invisible text, I will make sure to take down notes and tell you. I possibly had a problem with it again today. as I said, I will let you know.

But you can see that the console is reporting messages throughout, including yesterday:

1/19/11 12:39:28 PM	Scrivener[384]	Can't open input server /Library/InputManagers/Inquisitor

So it looks as though it hasn’t been wiped completely from your system.