Vanishing Text

I’m finding with this version that text I’ve written is disappearing. The first time it happened was when the computer crashed, so I attributed to that – though I was mystified as to why the backup I had made prior to that didn’t have any of the new text I’d done.

But I just went in again this morning and text is gone again. I started work on a scene last night and added a lot of new stuff – none of it is in there this morning. It’s what I started with. I had made two backups, within 20 minutes of each other, with lots of changes in between. Both are identical. None of the changes are there.

Is this beta 2.2 or 2.3? There was a nasty bug in beta 2.2 that was causing new text not to be saved.

Ah, I do have 2.2. Downloading 2.3 – but, curiously, when I asked it to check for updates, it said there weren’t any.

I know. I only knew about the new beta from religiously reading the forums. :slight_smile: