Vanishing text

I’ve recently installed Scrivener for iOS and today I decided to test it so I worked on two projects at a cafe and have just come back home and synced them to my Windows 8.1 desktop. One of the projects is fine - both the changes and the original unchanged documents in the Draft folder show up.

In the other project I have 34 documents in my Draft folder. The two documents I changed while I was out are fine - the new text shows up, nothing’s missing - but the other 32 documents in the draft folder are now all blank. I have back ups so I haven’t lost anything important but obviously I’m quite concerned about the potential for losing my project materials.

Have I done something wrong that is easily fixable? Is this a common thing? I had a quick look at the support docs but couldn’t see anything that references this issue.

Thanks for any and all help.

You need to supply more information, like how you handle the Windows side of Dropbox syncing before going out, and how you synced the project on you iDevice when you were done editing, etcetera. We need all the details, step by step, to see what you did to cause this to happen.
Furthermore, did the text actually disappear or did you have it in documents converted to folders in Scrivener and did you perhaps accidentally click on the Scrivenings icon an extra time, which enables the sub-document view but hides the text within the folder-documents themseles?

Hi. Thanks for your reply.

My documents were synced with Dropbox on my PC. I synced Scrivener on the iPad before I left the house. I used Scrivener when I was out. I came home and synced Scrivener on my iPad to upload the edits. Then I closed Scrivener on the iPad and went back to my home Windows PC and it synced and I had a look to see what the Scrivener files looked like which is when I noticed there was an issue.

The text disappeared. All the files were listed in the Binder view but they had no text in them - they were all empty documents. When I looked into the folders in my Scrivener folder there were only two numbered .rtf files whereas the backup folder had about 34 .rtf files.

Hope this is clarifying rather than water muddying.

I appreciate your help.

And what does the project look like on the iPad after opening it on the PC?