Various languages in one document

Hi all,

I’m writing stories for a series of novels in which the copy has to be written in German, the dialogues in English. When I do that in Scrivener, the English text is marked red when spell checking is enabled.

Is there a way to tell Scrivener that certain sentences have to be spell checked in English and others in German, French, Spanish or whatever? I can do that in Nisus. But that means that I have to work in Nisus long before it is really necessary. Usually I switch to NWP only for the last step: formatting.

Or am I wrong here and this question belongs to the Wish List section?

Scrivener just uses the built-in spell check facility provided by OS X, so the answer is: if you can do it in TextEdit, you can do it in Scrivener. If you can’t do it in TextEdit, then you can’t, and it won’t come until Apple add it. :frowning: If that is the case, then you might be better of turning off spell checking for the first draft.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful - although I am the programmer of Scrivener I didn’t program the spell checker as that is provided by Apple. Maybe someone who writes in multiple languages may be able to give you more help.

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Well … I was afraid that your reply would be something like this. Just hoped that there might be some dictionaries that could be imported to Scrivener. I mean, Apple does have all these funky dictionaries, then why don’t they … never mind. :wink:

Yep, turning the spell checker off is what I did at last. The screen looked too much like the tests I used to get back when I was at school. Embarrassing. Childhood traumas returning!

Thanks anyway

Michael, did you try to choose the Multilingual spellchecker?

Edit -> Spelling: Instead of German or English or whatever you can select ‘Multilingual’ for spellchecking. Better than nothing.


Erm — no. Honestly, I haven’t even found the Multilingual option. (Blush!) But now I did. And it does the trick! That’s exactly what I need! Ha! Now I can pull my file back from NWP and edit it in Scrivener a bit longer.
Thanks a lot, Ursula