Various problems

I have read the “Known Issues”, and I am trying to not repeat any of those…

  1. Insert Image doesn’t always work, and when it does it can later end up in the Trash folder.

  2. When I have lost the Cursor I can double-click a Corkboard item and it will have the Cursor, but I can’t get a Cursor anywhere else.

  3. When configuring Corkboard Text it is forcing a combination of sizes 8 and 10 … or 8 and 12.

  4. Appending any Scratch Text does so with the “MS Shell DLG 2” font and size 8, which is not any font that I have assigned.

  5. When Opening Import or Export, and Save or Open, it always starts at “My Documents” instead of where I have saved the Document.

  6. Import File froze the Program at one attempt. I manually crashed the Program. Upon reloading it was still non-responsive, so I forced it to crash again. With the second reload it was responsive.

  7. I can’t find any command to start a New File where it uses a Template that I stored. Perhaps I don’t understand what a Template is.

That’s it for now. I hope you guy’s can manage everything that is in the Known Issues. It looks daunting… but I am willing to wait because you have the most comprehensive program that is available for Windows, and I like it a lot.

Just a note. I know you aren’t ready to entertain wishes, but I wish we could configure a fixed layout for the Corkboard, Pictures, Notes, File Tree, and Document. I tend to settle in to a layout that I like, and then work with it all the time for every project of the same nature.

As to your last note, you can create a base for your project. You know with all your fonts and preferences laid out, and then hit FILE -> Save As Template. Then every time you go to create a new project just select the template that you created and fill it with the stuff from your new project.

If you were already in a Fiction template, your saved Template will be under Fiction. For example, I downloaded and opened the NaNoWriMo file and then saved it as a template. When I went to create a new file I thought it didn’t work, but then when I clicked on fiction in the left panel of the New Project window, there it was.

mightygitis, thanks for the tip. That allowed me to find the Template I had saved before.