Various small scratchpad, table, corkboard etc bugs

Large tables

  • When a table gets above a certain size, the program freezes: I type some characters, there is a pause of 3-10 seconds, then the characters appear. Windows Task Manager shows that Scriv is using 100% of CPU. This happens for a table of c2,500 words in 15 rows x 8 columns. I split it in two and everything works ok.
  • I have also encountered a bug where all the text after a certain point in a large table is lost. I can’t reproduce it exactly. It occured when I left a document with the table in it to edit something else, then went back to the table - and most of the text was missing. The first time this happened, I managed to recover the text by searching the Scrivener folder for the .rtf file - the missing text was there, though it was not displaying in Scrivener. This happened regularly with large tables, so I don’t go over 10 rows or so now.

Menu: View / Corkboard options

  • If I use the Manage Layouts dialogue to switch to a layout in which any of these options (Show Stamps/Pins/Keyword Colours) is different, then EITHER the cards are not correctly displayed (Stamps/Pins/Keyword Colours are not displayed) OR the cards display correctly but the option on the menu is incorrectly checked. Hitting the keyboard shortcut twice seems to get to the correct state.


  • If I include a / in a scratchpad document title, then all the text in the document disappears.
  • Every time I open the Scratchpad for the first time in a session, an alert box pops up asking if I want to move the scratchpad from the old scrivener location. If I click ‘yes’, a new document called ‘scratchpad’ appears in my list of scratchpad docs, which I delete. Either way, the next time I use the program, the same process is repeated.
  • I have switched the keyboard shortcuts for ‘Paste’ and ‘Paste and Match Style’. These now correctly show up in the Scratchpad right-click menu as Ctrl+Shift+V and Ctrl+V respectively. But when I use the keyboard, Ctrl+V does a Paste, and Ctrl+Shift+V does nothing at all.


  • I move a card with the mouse and while it is moving hold down the control key. This causes a plus sign to appear, as if a copy is to be made - which would be useful. But the card is just moved, not copied.


  • I open the list of collections. I drag the tab called " - Binder - " to the top of the list. The list of collections is now blacked out and no longer visible.