Various templates in 1 Scrivener file?


Can I do the following with Scrivener?

I currently only have one scrivener file and handle all my writing projects from that 1 file. Some of my projects require APA style for academic papers, others novel format for personal use.

Now instead of having 1 Scrivener file for each project and using the built-in template for each, I want to have 1 file and have the various projects nested inside that 1 file. Is that possible?

So, have 1 file and assign “APA style” to 1 folder and “Novel style” as a template to another folder?

Any help is greatly appreciated guys, thanks!!!

Sure, it’s possible. Just about the only thing in these templates that couldn’t be “shared” are the custom compile presets. It’s easy enough to save those out to a dedicated saved preset, making them available to all projects. So you’d have to switch between a novel compile setting and an APA compile setting and so forth, depending on what you are doing.

But I have to ask: why? It’s really easy to have more than one Scrivener project. They even work really nicely together. You can have them both open at once and drag stuff between them if need be.