Varying Line Width on the writing Pane

I am a novice user. Non-fiction writing especially & even much pure creative stuff requires frequent access to other sources. So you (i.e. at least me) are managing lots of Windows most of the time - but focussing on your main writing pane as much as possible. Consequently the sizes and quantity of displayed Windows can be very dynamic.

in that situation Screen Real estate is a writer’s most valuable resource. I use a 2 screen set up. 27 inch iMac and 24 inch 2nd monitor. I am working on multiple inter-related projects concurrently

E-writing is done on PANES - not PAGES. Scrivener does a good job overall of forgetting about pages until Compile time. But so far it seems to me that line width etc. is still tied into Page Formatting. I have started using Scrivener to escape from WORD and its Formatting nonsense. Until compile time the only formatting I need is for my preferred ON SCREEN Readability - i.e. my choice of Font and Spacing Sizes (= Margins, Tab Indents, & Line and Paragraph Gaps).

I should never have to see The Ruler or Format Options again until Compile time. A Preferences Option for that would be great. Then all the other Formatting options inherited from the bad old days become irrelevant.

Specifically my problem is that I find the standard Margins on the main writing Pane are too wide - and I can’t find any option for changing them. All i need is a minimum for readability. Then for Scrivener to automatically adjust Line Widths as I change my allocation of space to match the windows I have open. Is there a simple way to do that.

I feel your pain. Try this:

  • Open Scrivener > Preferences.
  • In the Appearances pane, Main Editor section, Options tab:
  • Untick “Use fixed-width editor.”
  • Adjust margins to suit.

Hope this helps!

You might also like View -> Text Editing -> Hide Format Bar and -> Hide Ruler.

To get really minimalist:

View -> Editor Layout -> Hide Header View, -> Hide Footer View
View -> Hide Binder, -> Hide Inspector, and -> Hide Toolbar.