Varying starting time of 1.9 after issues with 1.9.5

Dear support team, dear fellow users!

Please, could you help me with the following issue:

1.9 worked fine. Then the 1.9.5 was not working so I reinstalled 1.9 as recommended in the other topics of this forum.

Now 1.9 sometimes starts immediately, but often only after 10-20 minutes. It always appears immediately in the Windows task manager but on the screen it often appears MUCH later. During that time, all other programms are working fluently as always.

Once Scrivener is running, it works fine. But the starting time is a real issue!

What would you suggest?
Thank you very much!

Br Michael

I would uninstall Scrivener with a more powerful uninstall utility than that provided by Windows. Revo Uninstaller is a great one. It removes extra files and registry settings that the Windows uninstaller leaves behind. Some of these items might be left over from your 1.9.5 install and negatively impacting 1.9 (especially some of those pesky registry entries). Then once you’ve uninstalled it completely, you can reinstall 1.9 and see if that did the ticket.

Thank you, Sanguinius, I have done as you suggested.

The issue is still there, unfortunately.
In addition, I experienced the starting lag for the first time with one of my other programs today. I assume this is not 100% related to Scrivener anymore.

I am still very thankful for any suggestions.