Vellum Export

I have a Scrivener project that I would like to export to .docx format for Vellum.
I have marked “Heading 2” text throughout. The title is also defined, but otherwise the project text is not styled.

I would like my “Heading 2” styles to be recognized as “Chapters” by Vellum. There is no built-in Scrivener Chapter style while editing. During compiling, you can assign a section layout (“Headings” is an option but “Headings 2” is not) to the Chapter layout, but this identification is not recognized by Vellum, that is, discrete chapters are not recognized. “Heading 2” is not recognized as a valid option.

What is the best way to accomplish this? Is there a way to convert “Heading 2” styles to “Chapter” styles either while editing or compiling in Scrivener?

{Note: When I began editing the document its structure was not clear so breaks that additionally appeared to be sections, on reflection, really work better as chapters. Yes, there probably is some way to work on the document in Word and make the changes there. But then if I want to make a change in the “base” document, the Scrivener project, I have to make changes in two places rather than one. This means the editing work gets duplicated.}

I can never remember the proper way to add images to this board. The uploaded image doesn’t show in Preview Mode. Here is a link:

Your “Heading 2” styles should be recognised by Vellum as “Vellum Subheading”, which probably won’t do much if you don’t have chapter headings in there too.

The key here is using Styles. To break up a document properly, Vellum expects the document to contain and use certain style names. For a style to be recognised as a chapter heading by Vellum, it needs to be called “Vellum Chapter Title”. So, in your case, your “Heading 2” style needs to be renamed to “Vellum Chapter Title”. The good news is that Compile can do the renaming for you:

  1. Duplicate and edit the Vellum compile format.

  2. In “Styles”, select “Heading 2”.

  3. Change the “Override name” on the right to “Vellum Chapter Title”.

This will make it so that all of your “Heading 2” paragraphs become “Vellum Chapter Title” paragraphs in the exported .docx file, which should be picked up by Vellum as chapter starts.

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Thanks, this should have worked.
Unfortunately, Compile placed a page break after each “Vellum Chapter Title” heading and Vellum couldn’t handle that at all–no chapters were recognized in Vellum 2.3, the latest version. There were no page breaks after Headings 2 before it was renamed in accordance with your advice. So I don’t know why Compile added page breaks.
I don’t know why the page break was added, I am not entirely fluent in Scrivener 3’s new Compile function. Whereas I could tweak the defaults in v. 2, I stay with them in v. 3 resulting in…strange behavior like this.

Scrivener’s Compile won’t add page breaks unless you set it up to. And it won’t randomly add pages after headings inside documents - my guess is that Vellum just treated it that way (did you check the file in Word?).

It sounds as if you need to get familiar with Scrivener 3’s Compile, though. It is very different from 2. It’s a lot more flexible, and easier to user for new users, but if you are used to Scrivener 2, you need to do a little re-learning - just as you had to learn how to Compile with Scrivener 2. Please be sure to read the section in the tutorial on how Compile works in Scrivener 3, or to look at the transition guide JimRac posted in another thread.