[Ventura] Can't drag files from binder to the desktop to export as files

Actually the problem was with Ventura: It won’t let you drag to desktop; so I had to copy from DropBox to Desktop. Then I double clicked on the copied file and it opened in Scrivener on my MacBook. I then saved it to the proper place in Dropbox and overwrote the original file and then was able to successfully reopen it on my MacBook. Complicated, but I now have the project and access on the MacBook while I’m traveling to India.

Thank you Jen!

Ventura (13.1) absolutely does allow dragging files to the Desktop. If you can’t, you should get a chat session with Apple Support to find out why.

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You might actually miss it, because if you drag a document from the Scriv Binder to your desktop what you get is a Text Clipping file, and, note, it does not take on the (explicitly given) title of your Binder document, but instead uses an initial segment of the content of the document as its title. So, if your desktop is busy and set to sort alphabetically, it might show up somewhere you didn’t expect.

Just a thought. Though I rather expect a text clipping document is also not probably what you would be hoping for anyway.